Big Data Analytics

Program Structure

Program Structure and Objectives

M.S. in Big Data Analytics -without thesis- consists of 10 courses and 1 project in total, all the courses in the program are held in English. Each mandatory course is open only in stated term. Elective courses availability may change from term to term. The program is a three-semester program; it can be completed in one year if the students choose to take summer classes.

Students are going to follow the courses online and attend on-campus classes with academicians twice a week between the hours 6:30-9:30 PM, consisting of bi-weekly supervisory sessions for each course taken.

The disruptive educational platform Udacity will be utilized as the primary resource for the online component of the courses offered in our program. 

Udacity is an online learning portal, "by Silicon Valley", that teaches the skills that industry employers need today and delivers credentials endorsed by employers.
"...There's really a thirst for education. As the machines are becoming smarter, I think people want to become smarter. And people want to make a contribution..."  
Sebastian Thrun, Udacity founder (2016)

This program is designed to help participants gain capabilities for data management and data analytics required to obtain business insight out of the data accumulated in decision-support systems of companies.
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