Big Data Analytics


Curriculum ( for 2018-2019 Academic Year )


Course Code Course Name
1st TERM  
BDA 501 Applied Statistics
BDA 503 Data Analytics Essentials
BDA 505 Big Data Management
BDA 507 Intro to Programming for Big Data (Python)
2nd TERM  
BDA 502 Introduction to Machine Learning
BDA 541 Optimization and Simulation
BDA 5xx Elective Course
BDA 5xx Elective Course
3rd TERM  
BDA 563 End-To-End Big Data Analytics
BDA 5xx Elective Course

                BDA 522 Introduction to Machine Learning II
                BDA 523 Marketing Analytics
                BDA 547 Web Analytics
                BDA 521 Big Data Applications in Finance
                BDA 551 Model Building and Validation
                BDA 557 Case Studies in Analytics

You can reach the course descriptions here.

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